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Job Search And Resilience

Job Search And Resilience

Job search and resilience – resilience is that quality that allows you to be knocked down by life but come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure overcome you and drain your resolve, you find a way to rise from the ashes.

It has been a component of many successful job searches!

Psychologists have identified some of the factors that make people resilient.

These factors include:

  • Optimism and a positive attitude,
  • The ability to regulate emotions,
  • The ability to see failure as a form of helpful feedback.

Even after having suffered a failure or rejection with this kind of attitude, resilient people are able to bounce back, possibly change course and keep going.

Having a loving support system, learning to make plans and follow them through and improving your communication and problem-solving skills really can help to improve your resilience.

But you also need to work on having a positive view of yourself and your abilities! Try to look at the big picture of life, and avoid viewing difficult times as insurmountable. Take small steps towards your goals and take one day at a time.

Keep working toward your goals! Ask yourself “What can I do today to move in the direction I need to go?”

Take care of yourself! Get enough food, sleep, and exercise to keep healthy. This is especially important during times of stress when looking for work.

Seek professional help from a coach or counsellor, if you feel that the situation is too hard for you to handle on your own. They can help you develop a strategy for moving forward in your life and finding that role you seek!

Wendy Smith is a career consultant, life coach and business coach with depth of experience in management, coaching and personal development. That experience means she is equally at home helping clients find a new career direction, starting-up new businesses or dealing with life’s more challenging personal issues. You can contact her at

Wendy has written a little eBook on how to get on with your boss and a book on job search – you can find her books on Amazon at this link


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