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Job Search and Career Development – Sending Mixed Messages

Job Search and Career Development – Sending Mixed Messages

Advice from Wendy Smith. Wendy is a Career and Life Coach helping you find fresh perspectives on life and your career.  You can book a FREE coaching session or find out more at this link

I wonder if you face the same dilemma as me. In these days of part-time working and portfolio careers, lots of us do more than one thing to earn money – all legal decent and above board of course.

For example, I work as a career coach but also take clients who are looking for a life coach (which deals in the round with your life including work). On top of that, I am a professional business blogger and a creative writer with one published novel (The Wolf Project) to my name and another (Blood Brothers) about to be published. Nowadays authors don’t just write books; even those who are signed up with well established publishing houses are expected to take part in very active marketing campaigns. And many of us do the publishing as well.

So, all in all I am very a very busy lady. But how do I describe myself so that the person I am talking to at any particular moment gets to talk to the Wendy they expect to meet? It can be confusing for my potential clients. It would be even worse if I were looking for work and wanting to attract the eye of recruiters. Recruiters, even more than coaching clients, abhor mixed messages.

So, the lesson in all this is that if like me you enjoy doing a number of things in parallel, you need care. You need to limit how the knowledge of all you do impacts on your job search or your career prospects. Make sure you send very clear and main stream messages about what you can do for a particular employer and how good you are at doing it. While, enlightened, potential employers may see the benefits your complex experience may bring, many will not. Why would you want to make life harder for yourself?

Career coaches and life  coaches like me are around to help you thrive and succeed in challenging times. Get in touch at this link – I would like to discuss how I can help you.

Wendy Smith is a career consultant, life coach and business coach with depth of experience in helping people lead happier lives and feel more fulfilled. She has worked in management as well as coaching and personal development, as well as starting up her own businesses. That means she is equally at home helping clients find a new career direction, starting-up a new business or dealing with life’s more challenging personal issues. 

Need help finding work, with problems at work, at home or with relationships? Book a FREE coaching session with Wendy or find out more at this link


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