Job Search – The Interview Checklist

Job Search – The Interview Checklist

Are you ready for that interview? This interview checklist will take you step by step you through everything you need to do to be a success!

What are you going to wear?

The first impression you make on a potential employer can make a big difference. So you need to dress appropriately for a job interview – check out what passes for appropriate business dress in the organization you wish to join. Ask around among your contacts; but note, a business suit is usually standard. Have your interview outfit ready to go, so you can be ready for an interview at very short notice. If you are being interviewed online with a camera switched on, think about how you will look and make sure the background is business like.  Check how you will look before you go online

Review your response to the advert and job description

Take the time to remind yourself how you meet the requirement. Then make sure you have your list available for the interview of exactly how you meet the skills, knowledge and qualities required by the employer. Emphasize those most important for success in the job. Be ready to describe successes you have had that make you the perfect match for the job. The closer your qualifications and experience match the job requirements, the better chance you’ll have of getting a second round interview and a job offer.

Research the organization and those interviewing you

How much do you know about the organization itself? Before you go to the interview be sure you are well informed. Do an internet search and use LinkedIn.

Use your contacts

Do you know anyone who is working at the organization or who has worked there recently? Knowing someone can make a big difference – they might be able to put in a good word for you. Plus your contacts can help you with inside information about the organization, its people and, possibly, the recruitment process itself.

Prepare for Interview Questions

Take time to think through questions you are likely to be asked during the interview. This will help you to organize your answers and it will help to reduce stress.  Ask a friend or family or family member to help you practice your answers – if they are prepared to give you a mock interview so much the better.

Prepare for a presentation

Check whether a presentation is required and then find out as much as possible about the subject.  If they don’t suggest one, then concentrate on showing how you are fitted and how you would approach the job.  Prepare your materials well in advance if you can and have spare copies. Have handouts ready and to a good quality – again take enough for the panel and some spares.  Check out what technology and other material will be available for your use.  If using your own equipment, make sure it is working properly on the day. Don’t assume you can use your own without making inquiries first and ask about plugs etc. Run through your presentation, preferably in front of as friend, beforehand.

Have Clear Travel Directions and Allow Plenty of time

It’s important to know where you need to go for your job interview. You don’t want to be late so start in good time. Use Google Maps to get directions if you’re not sure where you are going.  Check on parking and/or public transport so you arrive with time to spare.

Time to relax!

Check out your appearance when you arrive and then use a simple breathing technique to help you relax – here is a link to one;

Now go in there and wow them.  I wish you every success and if you would like some extra help, please get in touch.

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