How to develop charisma!

The main points from a model formulated on the wikihow website, (as at September 2008).  This states that everyone is able to develop charismatic power. I’m not offering guarantees but its definitely worth a try.  Now how do I apply this to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?

1. Relax (meditate if helpful).

2. Look confident (by feeling confident, having positive confident body language, and behaving as an equal to others).

3. Get in touch with your emotions (and with other people’s).

4. Be genuine.

5. Match your body language to your speech (this tends to happen naturally if you are being genuine).

6. Think before you speak (less is more – silence is fine when you have nothing to say).

7. Speak with conviction (including the way you say things, facial expressions, body language – see Mehrabian’s theory)

8. Treat people as they want to be treated (notably listen actively and make others people feel special).

Other points:

* Charisma must come from within you as an individual – individuality is vital.

* Everyone can be charismatic.

* Have a message, which can be controversial.

* Acting and toastmaster classes help.

* Be honest and bold, but don’t offend people.

* Charisma used for wrong reasons tends not to succeed.

More at  Charisma and charisma theory – how to develop charisma, personal confidence and magnetism, force of character, strength of personality.

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