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This blog has been established to provide advice and support for people thinking about leaving the UK Public Sector!

Following the 2010 Spending Review it was revealed that between them UK Government departments were expected to shed over 100,000 civil service posts as part of their efforts to reduce administration costs.
The Government’s cull of quangos, in which 192 public bodies are to be abolished and a further 112 will be merged, will also contribute to an overall headcount loss in the civil service
In addition vast numbers of posts are likely to be lost from the wider public sector – Local Authorities, the NHS etc
Many public servants have already been invited to consider taking voluntary redundancy, and many more will be invited to do so as reorganisation plans begin to take shape. 
Compulsory redundancies cannot be ruled out.
For many public servants this is a time to consider the future and the challenge it presents.
Four years ago I was facing the same challenge.
I left the Civil Service in May 2007 and despite the changing economic climate I have not had one moment of regret!  
Since then, as a coach, I have worked with a number of other people leaving public service.  This blog has been started to share the learning and to help you make the most the time ahead.
Posts will usually appear on Tuesday and Thursday.
The aim will be
  • to give you honest advice about the realities of life outside
  • to support you in making your plans 
  • to help you carry them through!
It will also be a place for you to express your views, if you wish, in the form of comments and to ask questions!

Wendy Mason is a performance, programme, contract management and change specialist. She works as a consultant, business coach and blogger. Adept at problem solving, she is a great person to bring in when that one thing you thought was straightforward turns out not to be! If you have a problem talk to Wendy – she can help you – email her at wendymason@wisewolfconsulting.com or ring ++44(0)7867681439

3 thoughts on “>Help for people leaving the Public Sector”

  1. >I think that this is an unprecedented time in the Public sector – especially in the NHS. Many people particularly over 50 are seizing the opportunity to take a voluntary redundancy package with early retirement. It all sounds great doesn't it? However – some of those leaving have had to leave quickly and with little time to think about the longterm consequences of suddenly leaving what has been a safe haven and security for many years. Some have not had to make any real endings – even having a retirement event has not happened for some – no time to say real goodbyes – no time to think about what they will leave and what they will take with them in the next part of their journey. I have been speaking to quite a few NHS Managers who have just or are about to leave and their grieving is quite clear – even though there is also a sense of excitement for some. Some want to rush headlong into freelance careers – and start planning immediately. I think that it is worth marking the event with family and friends -perhaps a party/meal or a holiday – someone I know is to the USA for a month in a motorhome! Do something that will draw a line – mark it in some way – this will help to make a clearer ending and give you time to think through next steps. I took early retirement over 2 years ago and I don't regret it all – I was fortunate and my workplace was supportive and marked it well! Even so -I still had to work it all out and think through what this milestone meant for me! If you are one of those about to leave the Public Sector either willingly or not so willingly then take some time to think through your next steps and talk to someone to see if the life of an Independent Consultant is for you…! Most of all – this is a great opportunity -enjoy!

  2. >Thank you so much for your comment Sue. This is very wise advice. My own experience was very much like yours. I wanted to go and had lots of plans for the future. But I still needed to take time out to come to terms with the change. Something I had not really expected for myself despite my training in Change Management.

  3. >Thank you so much for your comment Barbara. It sounds like you are very well prepared but if there is anything we can do to help, please get in touch. Also please keep in touch. We would love to know how things turn out for you!

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