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If you are going through major change the last thing you need is a key supplier to fail! Follow this link to a useful post on the G&W Consulting Blog  “Making Performance Meaningful” .  It will help you work out  whether your suppliers are at risk of failure.  Wisewolf and G&W have depth of experience in managing change and managing complex supply chains.  Geoff  Edmundson ( the G in G&W) has managed change and challenging supply chains in both the public and private sectors!  So have I!  We will be very happy to help with a risk and resilience review!  Follow this link to contact us for further advice

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  1. David says:

    Key supplier failure is one of the risks that involved in the supply chain.
    These risks can harm the organization.
    Minet Technologies( offers a unique risk management workshop that teaches how to identify risks, assess them and evaluate mitigation plans in order to prevent the damage that these risks can cause.

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