Career Development: Finding the Balance Being a Working Mom

Finding quality childcare – today we have a guest post from Ken Myers who advises organizations and groups on multiple household help issues. You can contact him at

Finding the Balance Being a Working Mom

Finding the balance being a mom is tough; finding the balance with being a mom and a full-time career woman can be near impossible. However, for many women, finding this balance isn’t just something they want to do, it’s a necessity. To help find the happy medium between being a good mom who is there for her children and a successful employee who excels at her job, use these 10 tips:

  1. Don’t bring work home with you. It can be tempting to check your email when you get home and work on a few projects, but unless it’s absolutely necessary try to avoid doing this at all costs. Dedicate your evenings to spending time with your kids and your spouse instead; the emails and projects will still be there in the morning.
  2. Get everyone to help out at home. Instead of trying to be superwoman and do all the household chores and tasks in addition to working 40 hours a week, divvy them up amongst the rest of the family. Knowing that your spouse is going to fold the laundry, your kids will do the dishes, and you’re responsible for vacuuming is much less stressful than trying to do it all by yourself.
  3. Accept that you won’t be able to do everything. Mommy guilt is a very real thing, and it plagues many working mothers throughout their days. At a certain point you’re going to have to accept that you can’t be everywhere at once. You may feel like a horrible mother for not being at the class party, but in reality you’re being a good mother by doing everything you can to provide for your children.
  4. Invest in quality childcare. Consider hiring a part of full-time nanny or look into daycares near your office. Figure out what’s important to you as far as childcare providers go and then start narrowing down your options from there. Finding quality childcare will give you the peace of knowing your children will be well-cared for when you leave for work each day.
  5. Create a schedule and stay organized. Have a calendar at home that you can mark all important meetings, school functions, after school activities and work trips on so that everyone in the family knows what’s going on at all times.
  6. Prep for the morning the night before. Make lunches, gather homework assignments, lay out clothes, prep breakfasts, and put backpacks and briefcases by the door the night before. This will help things move much more smoothly in the mornings.
  7. Learn to love the crockpot.Coming home and cooking dinner is probably the last thing you want to do at night, which is why you should invest in a good crockpot. Simply throw everything into it in the morning, set it on low, and then come home to a home cooked meal.
  8. Make freezer meals on the weekend. Consider making big batches of lasagna, breakfast burritos, and other meals that can be frozen on the weekends so that you can just pull them out and defrost them on busy weekdays. Having meals already prepared will help drastically cut back on your daily tasks during the week.
  9. Have specific family days. Carve out specific nights during the week for family game night or set aside one day on the weekends where you go do something as a family. Having these days to look forward to will get everyone excited about spending quality time together as a family.
  10. Turn off the email on the weekends. Once Friday at 5 pm rolls around, turn off your work emails. Dedicating your entire weekend to your family will help you be refreshed come Monday when it’s time to go back to work again.

Finding the middle ground being a mom and a career woman isn’t easy, but it is possible. By keeping work and family separate, prepping as much as possible ahead of time, finding quality childcare, dividing up chores, and creating a schedule to stay organized you’ll be able to better juggle all the different areas of your life that are vying for your attention. And don’t beat yourself up over not being able to do it all – no one can!

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