Quick Tip Thursday: Doing the Most Important Work

Quick Tip Thursday: Doing the Most Important Work

Doing the Most Important Work – So, is the work you do first always the most urgent and most important?

How can you make sure your critical work is getting done, and getting done early?

Do you work on a low priority project because it’s more fun or less difficult than an working on a high-priority project?

Yes, well, we all tell ourselves that trawling right through our emails first thing each morning is really important! Yes, it is always satisfying to find out what is in there, isn’t it?  But it doesn’t get that board paper written, nor the monthly report completed.

How can you make sure you’re on the right track?

Well, here is help!

Create a list with two columns. On the left side, list the three to five most critical priorities you are accountable for! On the right side, list all the activities you do during the day.

At the end of the day, match it up.

How much of what you accomplished on the right side was in direct support of your key priorities on the left?

If you don’t have a good match, re-evaluate the work you’re choosing to do.

What are you choosing to first?

Getting your most important priorities done first, will help you feel more satisfied about the work you accomplish.

Of course you can do a quick scan of your emails beforehand, but make it quick!

This new approach should also leave you time to deal with lower priorities later in the day.

Who knows, you might even get to leave on time for once!

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