Does Your CV Let You Down?

Even if it is very clear to you that you’re well suited for the job, it is up to you to make sure that you show how you have what they are looking. Make sure this is in very straight forward terms.

Does Your CV Let You Down?

Job Search – Does Your CV Let You Down?

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Does Your CV Let You Down? Here are some mistakes it is only too easy to make when submitting your CV.

Your CV doesn’t make it clear that you are qualified for the job.

You don’t show a clear connection between your background, skills and achievements and what the employer says they need. The first sift of CVs by recruiters can be very crude. It is probably going to be done by a computer -an applicant tracking system,. This will check your CV for the keywords and phrases necessary to match you to the employer’s requirements. If you don’t have those words in your CV, you won’t get passed this check.

So you get through the keyword check but how do you show how you have what they are looking? Make sure this is in straight forward terms; make it clear and give the evidence.

Don’t rely on the cover letter (or anything else you may send with your CV or application form) to describe the key reasons why you are well suited to the role. Your potnetial employer may not have time to read the attachments. Make sure your CV/resume/application form has the complete picture.

You make grammatical or spelling errors in your CV, application form or cover letter.

This is a frequent complaint when recruiters discuss applicants.

It is important for all roles that you check for typos. You would be surprised how often there are avoidable mistakes in applications. For example, when applying for administrative roles, one typo or an error can make the difference between landing an interview or being cast aside. Errors throw doubt on credibility even at the most senior level.

It’s difficult to proofread something you write yourself

Think about asking an eagle-eyed friend to review your cover letter and CV?resume. I am a creative writer, as well as a business blogger, and my two very best friends are my content editor, who makes sure the story is worth reading, and my dear, dear copy editor. Find a good friend who can check your job application for both typos and common sense! Of course, always spell-check your work. But be very much aware that spell-check doesn’t pick up every error.

At the end of the day make sure your CV/application letter and cover note are neat, clear, concise and convincing. Make it easy for the recruiter to put you forward as a good candidate for the job.

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