Confidence and Success at Work

Confidence and Success at Work

A very long time ago, one of my mentors, and I was lucky to be blessed with good mentors, told me not to let an opportunity slip through my fingers because of lack of confidence.

I didn’t really take what he said fully on board at the time. But, my word, I have thought of those words so often recently. I would say lack of confidence is the number one factor that I have seen hold people back from success at work.

Now, don’t let us kid ourselves here. I don’t mean that boundless confidence will win you a job for which you are obviously not fitted. I have seen that happen sometimes, though, as I expect you have. But I wouldn’t rely on it. You really do need to be able to do the job and you need to do your home work during the recruitment process.

But, however good you are, if you are full of reservations and doubts, then I believe you are very unlikely to get that new job or that promotion.

Having said that, lots of people don’t think about taking action to maintain or strengthen their self-confidence. Many seem to believe confidence is no more than gift and in part that is true. There are people who are born with it and others have early experiences that strengthen theirs. But, whoever you are, regardless of age, there is action you can take to strengthen your confidence and hence your chance of success at work. Time to do something, perhaps.

Don’t forget I offer a free half hour coaching session by phone or Skype to members of this group.

I wish all those starting out on, or a continuing, a job search this week every success.

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  1. True. By taking control of your self confidence you can become successful not only in your career but in your personal life too eg. relationships, health. You become a happier person to be around.

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