Chairmen, Leaders, Managers and the Blame Game.

Chairmen, Leaders, Managers and the Blame Game.

You can’t avoid reading about leadership, or more likely these days,  the lack of it.

If you read about business, current affairs, politics, sport – the list goes on and on – you’ll read about leaders failing.  And, of course, you will read endless opinions  about exactly how they have failed.  But we are all pretty certain that it is leadership that has failed.

The team didn’t win, the team played  poorly, or more likely right now, the team behaved very badly indeed and broke lots of rules. But is it down to leadership?  Has the leader let us down?

To answer that question you have first to be clear about what it is that a leader is supposed to do.

Well, in the crudest terms, the leader determines what it is you should win. A leader creates and shares a vision for what it is you are to win and sets a direction for winning it. But the leader isn’t concerned with how you win, that is the role of management.

Mangers work out just how we are going to get to the winning post and they pick up the pieces to make sure we get there, intact. 

What then do we mean by a failure of leadership? Has the leader not created and shared a vision? Have we set off on the wrong path? Or is it that no one sorted out how we would get there properly and no one put in those boring old systems to get us there within the bounds of ethics and legality. Or perhaps those systems were put in place but they are just no longer fit for purpose? 

So, perhaps we mean a failure of management after all. And it really does matter you know, because the chairman of the board doesn’t manage the organization. Some else does. Now I don’t know if they (the management) have committed sins of omission or sins of commission. But if they have sinned, just for once, please could someone brave enough to make a confession and clear the air for us all.

Wendy Mason is a Life and Career Coach.  She helps people have the confidence they need to be successful at work and to change career while maintaining a good work/life balance. You can email her at

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