Your Help Needed – New Blog – Leaving the Public Sector

Can you help? Following the 2010 UK Government Spending Review it was revealed that between them UK Government departments were expected to shed over 100,000 civil service posts as part of their efforts to reduce administration costs. So I’ve decided to start a new blog Leaving the Public Sector at to share learning and to help people leaving make the most the time ahead. The aim is to;
Give them honest advice about the realities of life outside
Support them in making their plans
Help them carry their plan through!

3 Steps to Recover from a Mistake – Management Tip of the Day – August 23, 2010 – Harvard Business Review

While most people accept that mistakes are inevitable, no one likes to make them. The good news is that even large errors don’t have to be career-enders if they are handled well. Next time you make a blunder, follow these three steps to recover gracefully: Fess up. Trying to hide a mistake or downplay its …