Leading Change – Not Another Version of Wonderland – Scenario Planning Part 2

In scenario planning, scenarios provide a way to think about the uncertain aspects of the future particularly those that seem most unsettled and worrying. Building and using scenarios can help organisations explore what the future might look like and the likely challenges of living in it. As I explained in my last post a scenario is a story that describes a possible future. But no one view of the future will be correct. So scenario builders create sets of scenarios. These scenarios address the same questions and include everything that is likely to persist from the present into the future.

Leading Change – Your Vision in an Uncertain Future – Scenario Planning

In a changing world, scenarios are now widely used by governments, businesses and voluntary organisations to help them plan for the future. This can be done on a large or small scale; as part of a wider planning exercise or on their own as a way to develop thinking inside the organisation.