Team Work – bringing in a new team leader.

You have to bring in someone new to lead the project team.Now, you need to explain what is happening to the team. You don’t want to paint the old leader in a negative light – you know there are loyalties. But you do want them to accept the change and the new leader. What can you do?Here are some tips.

For Your BookShelf – Project Management Demystified By Geoff Reiss

Project Management Demystified By Geoff Reiss ‘If you are new or relatively new to project management and you plan to have one book … this is the one you should have.’ – Martin Barnes, President of the Association of Project Management Project management – if you are new to the subject, this book should be …

Paragons of virtue or the perfusion of good team leadership?

When choosing team members to complete tasks your organization, what kind of people do you look for? Leading a good team takes someone who can a climate in which the team can thrive and someone who can share a vision in which they can believe.

So that means it down to you then really doesn’t it? It’s your team but can you turn them into winners?