Be Successful – Making A Personal Change – Part 1 Admit A Change is Needed

Facing reality, admitting there is a problem and taking responsibility for action will setup the conditions needed to make progress. They contribute to that first step to the personal change needed for career success, now, and in the future.

Leading Change – excuse me while I quietly burn-out

The Team Leader needs to recognize stress and burnout, and manage the team so that no undue stress is put on any particular individual. Judging this, and then getting the resources you need to prevent harm to your team, can be difficult. Stress and burnout are different. And in a long standing change team, you may well see symptoms of impending burnout.

Outwitting the lovely Ondine, or making the right choices in hard times!

Inventing new equipment to reduce costs (and hopefully improve quality) long-term takes time and investment. Also, it requires creativity and teamwork! None of these qualities thrive in hard and uncaring environments. To achieve a climate that can deliver long-term ‘efficiency’ improvements while maintaining (or even improving) quality takes great leadership.