Networking and your job search!

Letting people you know ,and people they can introduce you to, what you have to offer, really does bring new opportunities. These contacts can offer advice from own their experiences of job search. They can tell you about the sector they work in and they can introduce you to others, so that your network expands.

Overcome Your Fear of Networking in a Few Simple Steps

Overcome Your Fear of Networking in a Few Simple Steps Fear of Networking! I understand that networking can be intimidating. But if you really want that job, you’ll have to work for it. Florence Fung Florence has served more than 6 years of experience as an audit senior manager in a Big 4 accounting firm. […]

>Why you need to network!

>   In my last post, I mentioned that Dave, like others leaving the public sector, doesn’t think networking will be the right thing for him. So today, I am going to write about the value of professional networking. Everyone has a network of friends and contacts already.  Networks are not about exploiting people, they are […]

>The Latest Letter from Dave and we have a dilemma – to network or not to networK?

> Dave has returned from a holiday in Spain.  Reading the advice on Leaving the Public Sector since he has been away, he feels he is doing OK.  He’s not angry about losing his job but he is a bit depressed and daunted about the future.  June, his wife, however, thinks differently.  They never used […]

>Networking Your Way to a Good Future – Part 2 – A Pilot List for Reluctant Networkers

>   As I mentioned in Part 1, when you start networking, you will find that most people are generous with both their time and their advice.  If they trust you, they will be prepared to introduce you to others who can help and to give you good advice. But starting to network can be daunting. So […]

>Networking Your Way to a Good Future – Part 1 the Mighty List

> Image by HubSpot via Flickr Many experts believe that many, if not the majority, of jobs don’t get advertised.   This is certainly true for the private sector, less so in the public sector.  But the likelihood of a job not being advertised seems to increase with the level of the job.  So the more […]