Leading With Kindness: How Good People Consistently Get Superior Results By William F. Baker, Ph.D. and Michael O’Malley, Ph.D.

By now, many leaders have realized that when it comes to business, nice guys often finish first. Old-fashioned images of corporate callousness and greed have been replaced by a gentler, more human conception of great leadership. But how does one define “kindness” in the context of business?


On most occasions when you give feedback your hearer is expecting a message of some kind – good or bad. Where as bad news often comes as a shock! Even if it expected in principle – the reality and the details may be hard to bear! There is, and should be, a lot more to it than just saying or writing the words! If you want to ensure there is the best possible out come then you will need to prepare and to follow up, as well as delivering the message well! The advice given here is based on that usually given to medical students in the UK as part of their training. But it applies equally well if you giving seriously bad news at work, for example, about redundancy!


Taking stock of your life to see if it is on track is a bit like going to see your dentist for a regular check up! We all know we should do but lots of us don’t! We find lots of excuses for not actually getting on with it. For some of us we put it off until it’s forced on us, for example, at redundancy or some kind of personal tragedy. But most of us would probably gain from a simple check up periodically may be once a year! December is a superb time to take stock on where you are both on a professional and a personal level. You can then begin to think through your plan for next year and how you are going to make it brilliant!
So get your pad and pen – here are some thoughts to speed your on your way!