Outwitting the lovely Ondine, or making the right choices in hard times!

Inventing new equipment to reduce costs (and hopefully improve quality) long-term takes time and investment. Also, it requires creativity and teamwork! None of these qualities thrive in hard and uncaring environments. To achieve a climate that can deliver long-term ‘efficiency’ improvements while maintaining (or even improving) quality takes great leadership.


Taking stock of your life to see if it is on track is a bit like going to see your dentist for a regular check up! We all know we should do but lots of us don’t! We find lots of excuses for not actually getting on with it. For some of us we put it off until it’s forced on us, for example, at redundancy or some kind of personal tragedy. But most of us would probably gain from a simple check up periodically may be once a year! December is a superb time to take stock on where you are both on a professional and a personal level. You can then begin to think through your plan for next year and how you are going to make it brilliant!