Active Listening and Good Communication

Every piece of advice you read about how to be a good leader talks about the need for good communication – an able leader is an able communicator! Yes, quite right. But communication is a two way process. For any leader the ability to listen is right up there with the ability to deliver the message. And listening is more the just hearing a sound and knowing what the words usually mean.

Communications When Things Go Wrong

When it comes to communication, there seven dimensions to consider if you want to communicate in a way that limits damage to the reputation of the organization. There may be limitations on what you can say for legal reasons, but the nearer you get to covering the seven dimensions, the more effective your communications will be.

Communication; what matters most!

If you want to get your message across you can’t ignore Professor Mehrabian’s work on conveying genuine emotion and his 3Vs(Verbal,Vocal and Visual). In one to one encounters, show genuine interest in the other person and listen closely to what they say. Smile, be warm and enthusiastic – show you care about your subject, nothing is more attractive! But don’t overwhelm them and don’t fake it!

Leader, know your friend or foe!

As a leader the things you do and choices you make impact on those about you. The more people you affect, the more likely it is that your actions will impact on people who have power and influence over your ability to deliver your vision.You need to make sure that you can identify the key people who support you already and those who still need to be won over.

Three Leadership Steps to Defuse Tense Situations – Rosabeth Moss Kanter – Harvard Business Review

How do leaders maintain morale and momentum when members of their team are close to collapsing in frustration over the obstacles they face?

Handle with care – bad news for the boss!

Delivering bad news to your sponsor or line manager is one of the toughest and most stressful things you will do in your working life! So when something has gone wrong here is what you can do.


A simple guide to making a communications plan. Making sure that your colleagues and key stakeholders are aware of the activities you are undertaking, is vital to ensure your success. It helps to maximise opportunities for synergies, allows people to learn from each other and wins you support. When you have analysed the people and groups around you, you will be ready to develop your communications plan.