Career Success:Assess; Live Within Your Budget

Live Within Your Budget! Today we have an article from Tamara M. Williams who loves learning about Career Development. She shares her knowledge and experiences in her articles.  She also writes articles for EzineArticles and Squidoo on topics such as Technology, Marketing and Entertainment.

Assess Your Work Expenses Every Month to Ensure That You Live Within Your Budget

Your work expenses are one aspect of your budget that you should be assessing every month. This means observing work-related expenses such as work attire and lunch to determine if there is a decrease or increase in your personal budget. Budgeting lets you know if you are living within your means.

Live Within Your Budget withWork Outfits

At various stages in your work year you might need to purchase work attire to keep up with your employer’s work culture. If uniform allowance is a part of your benefits package then this will greatly reduce your clothing expenses. Even with the allowance you might still be expected to wear your own clothes on Fridays so you still need to budget for this. You should also plan for additional clothes throughout the year for attending conferences, corporate functions and so on. Make a note of the items that you purchase by saving your receipts and adding them to your budget. You could ask family, friends and co-workers to suggest clothing stores that offer regular discounts, check newsletters that deliver sales alerts, and search on-line sites that offer coupons.

Live Within Your Budget with Lunch

Your lunch choices include brown bag lunches or purchasing meals from your local grocery stores, fast food joints, restaurants or company cafeterias. Packing your lunches from home is ideal because it costs less to purchase and prepare the meals yourself. However, if you don’t have the time then you should use one night to prepare enough lunches to last for a few days or just use your leftovers. This would reduce the amount of money you spend purchasing ready-made meals. When purchasing meals always check different locations to compare the costs and choose the most affordable options. You can also search on-line for recipes, coupons and discounts to save money. Keep all your receipts and track your spending each month.

Finally, sum up your purchases in each category above to determine how much money you spent for the month. Compare this to your previous budget. Determine if other areas of your personal budget can be adjusted to accommodate any extra expenses. If you are satisfied that you can live within your means, this is a great sign. However, if your expenses are cutting into your salary too much then ask family, friends and co-workers about the money-saving methods that they use. It is great earning a salary, but you want to ensure that you properly manage your personal finances. Live within your budget to ensure that you avoid debt and develop the discipline to save more money.

About The Author: Tamara M. Williams writes career articles based on her personal and work experience. She shares tips so that readers can learn more ways to develop their careers further. She also writes articles for EzineArticles and Squidoo on topics such as Technology, Marketing and Entertainment.


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