Career Development:Twist and Shout

Career Development: Twist and Shout

Career Development: Twist and Shout – today we have another great guest post from Daryl Tomlinson who brings us advice based his long term experience of working with a job board.

Career Development:Twist and ShoutEmbarking on a new career can be a gamble, just as life can be a risk every time we close the front door behind us, we step into a world full of hidden danger, full of hazard, yet also full of untapped potential. You have decided to stride a different path, yet consciously and sub-consciously doubts and realism may hold you back. You weigh up the pros and cons and sometimes the cons will win and you step back into the shadow of security.

Like in blackjack, you have the option to twist or stick. Twist and you could have the dream career, but possibly fail. Stick and you have that security yet forever look through the window of opportunity and wonder what if.

Career Development:Twist and Shout

What will you do?

The key is taking the gamble out of the equation, not think about it as a risk, believe in your abilities, and trust your instincts. Of course I am not saying if you work as an accountant, for instance, and dream of being a brain surgeon that you immediately quit your job and apply for the very first brain surgeon job you see.

You know deep down your skills, you know your abilities and you know your potential. What you don’t know, you learn, what skills you don’t have, you learn, what abilities you don’t have you learn and then you can take that potential and look to a future where YOU are in control of YOUR career.

When you believe in the abilities you have, when you learn the skills, then going for that dream career is less a gamble but more an opportunity to be relished. Failure doesn’t equate risk when you have the tools behind you to succeed because no longer do you rely on chance, you rely on you.

So when the thought of Monday morning chills you to the bone, why not take that step towards that dream job?

It’s simple, will you stick and stay silent or twist and shout?

Daryl Tomlinson

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