Career Development:How To Resign Gracefully

Career Development:How To Resign Gracefully

Another great post from Alison Doyle on About.Com

Once you have decided to resign from your job, there’s no point in criticizing your company, your boss, your co-workers, the job or anything else. Even if you hated your boss, hated the job, and can’t wait to get out of there, don’t burn your bridges. You might need a reference in the future and you don’t want to give anyone any ammunition to use against you. Save your parting shots and keep your feelings to yourself.

Instead, write a formal resignation letter, so it can be placed in your employment file. Keep your resignation letter simple and short. Don’t go into too much detail about why you are quitting and what you are doing next. Your letter shouldn’t be negative or nasty – it honestly isn’t worth venting.

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  1. A question :when one resigns why should he / she not talk about the negatives of the organisation or the immediate senior … should one not hope for improvement in the organisation that you have worked for and u were proud to be a part of it once ….
    Why should we be selfish and think of only oneself afterall it was bread and butter and pride for sometime though

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