The pain of positive change

The pain of positive change

The pain of positive change – like many other people, I spent a large part of my life working out how to avoid pain.  I say “many” but I suspect it is true of most people.

Physical pain and gain

One little known fact about me is that when I was well into my forties I took up weight training.  I’m talking about serous weight training here, shading into body building with free weights.  Over time I became quite fit and felt very strong.  It gave me lots of confidence.

Later, my whole life changed and going to the gym was not a priority. I regret that I dropped out of training and have never gone back.  But the experience did teach me a fundamental life lesson.

The pain of positive change and growth

There are two kinds of pain. There is the kind that tells you something is wrong. And there is the kind you experience during positive change and growth.

All change is accompanied by pain to some degree and so is much growth.

If you really want to achieve something in this life then it helps to learn the lesson about good pain.

You need to be prepared to go through your own personal pain barrier.  But of course you also need to be able to distinguish “good” pain from that which tells you something is wrong.

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