Career Development: 4 Ways To Get Help Planning Your Career Goals

Career Development: 4 Ways To Get Help Planning Your Career Goals

Today’s post comes to you from Tamara M. Williams who a Software Developer that I met on LinkedIn. Tamara uses her free time to learn more about Technology and a wide variety of other topics. You can read more of her articles on EzineArticles at

Have you stopped to think about your current Career choices? Are you reaching your Career goals? Maybe you have not made any Career goals or don’t know who to turn to. The key to developing your Career goals is to start with an assessment of what you already have and where you are now. Then the next step is to focus on what you want to achieve. 

How To Get Help Planning Your Career Goals

You choose a career path and gain years of experience but do you upgrade your skills or qualifications? You know that there are a list of recommended skills and qualifications that you should have. However, these keep changing and you have to learn how to keep up. Finding where you can get help can improve your chances of reaching your Career goals.

1. HR Department at Work

How often you evaluate your career depends on which industry you work in. Your company’s culture or your job role could also influence you. The skills and qualifications that got you the job might not be the same ones needed now. Ask your Human Resource Department about providing you with a list of updated skills and qualifications needed to keep up-to-date in your career. Get advice on how to update your Career Goals so that you are always at the top of your game.

2. College/University Career Centres

At University or College, a Career Centre helps you to determine your career goals. You can meet with Career Consultants for help on choosing a career path. Ask for a Development Plan (PDP) template. This will help you to create or update your Career Goals.  Read Career books and magazines that interests you. Use them to learn more about the skills and qualifications needed to get into those careers.

3. Career Websites

Use career websites to access resources anytime and anywhere. Read various job descriptions and find out about the recommended skills and qualifications. Take it a step further and complete various career assessment tools such as Psychometric tests. You can also complete worksheets on creating SMART Goals and Action Plans. You should select a few worksheets to start off with and then use more when you need to.

4. Career Coaches

Regardless of the resources you have available you might choose to have a Career Coach provide one-to-one support. You can choose this option whether or not you are studying or working. Sometimes, you need an extra push to get you started or just want someone dedicated to assisting you. Career Coaches are there to learn more about what your dreams are. Afterwards, they inform you of the steps you should take to get there. You meet with them as often as you like and complete various assessments at your own pace. You receive a more detailed and custom-made approach to help you find out what you want to achieve in your Career.

Choose one or more from above and stay focused on achieving your Career Goals. Seeking advice from experts is the best way to move your Career to the next level.

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Tamara M. Williams is a Software Developer with over 5 years of experience. She uses her free time to learn more about Technology and a wide variety of other topics. Read more of her articles on EzineArticles at

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