Career Development – 3 Things Your Manager Hasn’t Told You That You Need to Hear

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Career Development – 3 Things Your Manager Hasn’t Told You That You Need to Hear

Keeping the lines of communication open with your manager is an essential tool to manage that relationship. However, just because the lines are open on your end doesn’t mean they’re always open on your manager’s end.

Here are three things your manager is probably thinking but, for whatever reason, hasn’t told you. They may be difficult to hear, but they’re going to make your life at work a whole lot easier.

1. “I can tell when you’re not listening to me.”
You may think your habit of daydreaming while your manager talks is pretty inconspicuous, but trust me, she knows when you’re not 100 percent present. In a previous job, when I was still really new to the workforce, my manager at the time had a habit of hashing out her thoughts out loud. During one of our meetings she was going over an item I thought didn’t really have much to do with me, and I started thinking about something else (probably lunch). She paused and gave me a searching look.

“I don’t know if you realize, but your eyes tend to glaze over when you’re not listening,” she said.

I’m lucky it was just the two of us meeting or I would have been even more mortified than I was already. But I learned a valuable lesson that day: Your boss can tell when you’re not paying attention. Even if you think she can’t tell, she totally can. And if you want to prove you deserve more responsibility at work, force yourself to pay attention to and get involved with other responsibilities at work. Actively listen and offer your insight, even if they’re things that don’t have anything to do with you right now. They might in the future.

2. “There’s a reason I micromanage you.” ... read the rest at

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