Remember - building self esteem is about valuing and feeling valued! Why don’t you
be generous and start a value chain – your team will reward you for your

Be generous with encouragement

It may sound trite, but if a member of your team does a good job, let them know
you have noticed. You know what looks like good and when you see it say so! Let
the team know what you have seen and that your recognize a job well done and
value it!

If a someone makes a mistake but they are doing their best, let them know that it's okay. and back them
up. They already feel bad about letting you and the team down and what
more can you expect than their best effort? It's fine to give them pointers on
what they can do better next time to help succeed, but don't berate them just
because they fail occasionally – value them.

On the other hand, if they are not giving it their best, point that out, and let them know that you expect more - and that they should, too. Your team members will respect you for this,
especially if you apply this standard to the whole team (star players should
never be exempt). Make sure each link in the chain knows they are a

Be generous with rewards
We all love to get rewards. Think about what might be the right
kind of rewards for your team – might not just be money? May be it's
a meal out occasionally or going to a sporting event! What about shopping
vouchers or tickets for a show? What do they really enjoy? So long
as you have set some clear standards – give rewards when these are exceeded.   
Don’t underestimate even the power of a certificate or plaque for
“Team Member of the Month” ! A simple award ceremony over
coffee and a recounting of the achievement can make the whole team feel good.

Be generous with your social time
Sure, you've spent hours at work this week but the work is over and you
are ready for some relaxation time. Maybe one Friday a month you
could spend the evening together with a quiz night or even just bowling. 
Make sure you spend some time with each member of the team getting to know them
away from work. Let them know they matter to you as people.


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