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Would you go for Redundancy or Redeployment?

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In a bid to help employers cope with the current economic crisis, ACAS and the CIPD have recently published a guidance note ‘How to manage your workforce in a recession’.

The document gives a lot of advice, including the need to think about the future. Although we don’t know when the markets will recover, we do know that they will eventually. Where does that leave employers that have made mass redundancies? Making people redundant and recruiting again later when the market picks up is expensive. And if you have to recruit, you also have to train, which will take up valuable time that you can ill-afford to lose.

We talked the other day about adopting a shorter working week as an alternative to redundancies. Another alternative is to take this time to retrain existing employees. If their skills are no longer in demand, provide training and redeploy them to other parts of the organisation where their skills will be in demand. This approach makes a lot of sense because when the market picks up again, you’ll have a ready trained workforce all set to go.

Surviving the recession and still coming out smiling at the end will require a lot of forward thinking. Companies that have had the foresight to prepare for the future are likely to have a head start when the crisis is over.

What advantages, or disadvantages, can you foresee for companies adopting this approach? Would you consider training for a different role within your current company if it meant you remained in employment?

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