Be Safe While Job Seeking

Be safe when jobseeking

Most efforts to find work are straightforward. You may see a job opportunity in your Jobcentre Plus office (UK), on the internet or through a newspaper advertisement and you decide to apply. However, no matter how the job has been advertised, it is always your responsibility to protect your own safety.

Jobcentre Plus have produced the following basic tips on how to stay safe when you go to any interview:

* find out as much as you can about the company or the person the interview is with

* never dial a premium rate number (prefixed 070 or 090) to find out more information about a job vacancy

* never give an employer your personal financial details until you actually start the job

* do not give out other personal details, such as your national insurance number and date of birth to an employer or recruitment agency until you have a legitimate job offer

* do not pay any fees upfront for help with job searches or training, find out more about the employer or recruitment agency first to ensure they are a genuine organisation

* sort out how you will get to the interview and back

* tell a friend or relative where you are going and what time you expect to be back

* for jobs that offer accommodation with them, always make sure you check out the accommodation before accepting the job – if possible don’t go alone, even if this means a friend or family member has to wait outside for you

* if the interview takes place outside normal working hours, try to arrange for someone to collect you

* make sure the interview is at the company’s place of work or in a suitable public place

* do not allow the interview to take place in your own home

* do not talk about personal matters that have nothing to do with the job

* do not accept a lift home from the person interviewing you

If you have any concerns (for example, you think that the job is offering too much money for what it is or you are not sure about the company)> In the UK please ask Jobcentre Plus for advice.

via Safe jobseeking : Directgov – Employment.

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