Bank Holidays and New Starts

It is the May Bank Holiday in the UK!  One day when everyone is supposed to be in holiday mood!  Well life isn't quite like that is it?  Particularly not when we all face a very uncertain future!  But days like this are great for taking stock – what do you want from life in the immediate and longer term future!  What changes can you make at work and home to make life better for you and yours. 

It sounds trite to say the first day of the rest of your life is tomorrow but it is true.  You can start afresh and make things different.  For example. your partner or your boss might be just as anxious as you about your relationship!  You can resolve to talk about it and start the healing process - communication really is key to so much in life.  If you resolve do no more than talk more – you are making a truly positive step.  Make an effort to listen as well as speaking yourself and try to see the other person's point of view! 

Make a real step change in your life – learn to communicate better!

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