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Networking is a key skill in finding new opportunities. Here is the introduction to an interesting piece by Samantha Hartley of Enlightened Marketing.  Not only is this piece interesting but she has lots of other useful resources at the link below.

“Last weekend I attended an Internet Marketing conference with 180 die-hard entrepreneurs.  Everyone there was hoping to connect with potential clients, partners and vendors.  There was quite a mix of people in the room, from millionaires to newbies.

For some reason, fabulous interpersonal networking is always a powerful learning experience. Lest you think I’m focused on the negative, I’ll point out that I had just about the best time ever at this conference.  It was the perfect trifecta of learning tons of stuff, meeting super people and feeling inspired about great information to share with you.

But, sometimes “negative teachers” model things for us in ways that help the lessons stick better.  So, keep a light heart as I share these networking blunders I observed recently…..”

More at Avoid These 10 Networking Blunders | Enlightened Marketing Blog.

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  1. Samantha’s brilliant! I get her newsletter via email.

    1. Wendy Mason says:

      Thanks Bethany

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