What is management and will you be good at it?

What would you like to build now?

A lot of words are written about management!  But it really isn’t that complicated. Management is getting things done by working through other people!

Management is not a science; although you will find a lot of useful management theory based on psychology and social science.  Put the word “management” into a search on Amazon and you will be amazed!

Management does mean responsibility but it can still be an adventure and it is often fun. In fact, I would say a good sense of humour is a basic requirement!

A manager is the person others look to when there is a job to be done!  If you do a good job of managing, others will get the job done well. If you don’t, they may just get there despite you, if they are a good team. But they may not and they will not like it!  But you remain responsible either way.

You are never perfect as a manager, no one ever is!  But you can learn to get better and better.  You can be an explorer as you set out to learn the way best to get things done through people, in lots of different situations.  You can try everything from managing in your local supermarket to leading a project to reach the stars!  You could discover a new cure for cancer – that rarely gets done without a form of management. Of course, you need to be a scientist as well for that one – but someone still has to manage!

Even with the best systems in the world, new situations require managers to be ingenious and creative! And the people you manage never stop being interesting and surprising.

If you are searching for the secrets of being a good manager, well, many of them lie locked inside you already.  Others you will learn from experience, through training, through reading and just watching and listening to those about you.

Do you have the characteristics of a good manager?

  1. Are you trustworthy and open in your approach?
  2. Do you listen well and communicate clearly?
  3. Are you fair and even-handed?
  4. Are you interested in other people and want to help them do well?
  5. Do you like getting the job done quickly but properly?
  6. Are you happy to share the task?

If you can say yes to those six questions then you are on your way!

Wendy Mason is a Life and Career Coach with an interest in management, leadership and in change – both personal (career and life out side of work) and within organizations. You can email her at this link or ring ++44(0)2084610114 

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