Stress-free Job Search

Accepting that you are likely to suffer a degree of stress in job search, what are the ways you can limit the amount of stress you have to suffer?

Job Search Networking

This is a tip from my new book called The WiseWolf Job Search Pocket Book; How to Win Jobs and Influence Recruiters, to be published in September 2014.

Rejection is part of job search

A job interview really isn’t a measure of your personal or professional worth. It is about an organization matching people against the criteria they have chosen to apply. So they didn’t think you were the perfect match on the day. That doesn’t mean you are not an outstanding professional with great ability – it just means they think they were not looking for you.

Networking and your job search!

Letting people you know ,and people they can introduce you to, what you have to offer, really does bring new opportunities. These contacts can offer advice from own their experiences of job search. They can tell you about the sector they work in and they can introduce you to others, so that your network expands.