Job Search – Funny Interview Mistakes Not To Make

Job Search – Funny Interview Mistakes Not To Make

This is a great piece from  Alison Doyle on About.Com

Interviews can go really wrong really fast. Sometimes, you can knock yourself out of contention for the job before you even get a chance to introduce yourself. It could be wearing the wrong interview clothes or talking on the phone or chewing gum or even having beer cans fall out of your backpack at the worst possible time.

Some interview mistakes are embarrassing, others could have been easily prevented, and some are funny later – even if they weren’t funny during the job interview.

How Not to Impress the Interviewer

One of the funniest interviews, looking back, that I ever conducted when I was a hiring manager involved an applicant for a top level finance position who started taking off his shirt to show me the scars from a boating accident he was in. He wanted to show me why he had been out of a work.

It wasn’t funny then. I couldn’t imagine why he was starting to get undressed in my office. Years later though, it still makes my list of the top interview mistakes I’ve seen…….

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