Performance Reviews: Painful or Helpful?

An employee review is intended to be a useful tool in promoting employee growth. When done properly, performance reviews should highlight areas of strength and weakness and provide a roadmap for future growth.

Want a Promotion?

Whether or not you get that long-dreamed-about promotion isn’t dependent on one or two easily manipulated factors. Instead, it relies upon a mishmash of influences, both business and employee-related. The business-related elements are ones that are specific to your business environment and ones over which you have less control. The employee-related factors are ones that you can manipulate and, in doing so, potentially increase your chances of obtaining the promotion you seek.

Why Get An Advanced Degree?

To move up the corporate ladder, you must prepare yourself for the job you wish to occupy. One of the most important things you must do is to earn the credentials necessary to qualify for this position.

What is the formula for confidence in interviews, meetings or those big occasions?

And lack of confidence is a major issue in interviews because it clouds the way the interviewers see you. Interviewers find it really hard to believe that you can do a job confidently if they see you shaking in an interview.