Corporate Panic and lessons from the Wolf Pack!

The UK public sector has changed quite a lot since I left. In terms of managing change, few lessons seem to have been learned and a good number seem to have been forgotten. My encounters with large private sector corporates, has led me to think they are not better or worse at handling people than those in the public sector. There seems to be a kind of corporate panic/frenzy around and that is the worst way to respond

Leadership and the abuse of power

a leader can use his or her power to benefit others, but, of course the leader can also gain personally. The obvious problem is that when self interest rules, the leader gains but often at the followers’ expense.

The dangerous thing is that leaders can begin to delude themselves. They start to believe that the rules that govern what is right and what is wrong do not apply to them because they have the best interests of their followers at heart.

Leader, know your friend or foe!

As a leader the things you do and choices you make impact on those about you. The more people you affect, the more likely it is that your actions will impact on people who have power and influence over your ability to deliver your vision.You need to make sure that you can identify the key people who support you already and those who still need to be won over.