Leader, Leadership and Leadership Styles

A leader is a person who influences a group of people towards a specific result. But how that person influences varies with the style of the leader. Leadership styles can range from the autocratic (“I’m going to tell you what to do”) to completely free reign (“You do it your way but get it right!”). The easiest way to think of it, is in three main flavours.

Overcome Your Fear of Networking in a Few Simple Steps

Overcome Your Fear of Networking in a Few Simple Steps Fear of Networking! I understand that networking can be intimidating. But if you really want that job, you’ll have to work for it. Florence Fung Florence has served more than 6 years of experience as an audit senior manager in a Big 4 accounting firm. […]

Stages of Grief – Living Through Change

Stages of Grief – Living Through Change Stages of Grief! When we go through any form of change in life we lose something. There is something for which we grieve. Even when things change for the better, something else is lost. Perhaps, it is only the comfort that comes from old habits and familiar surroundings! We […]

Organizational culture, what organizational culture?

Changing a culture is a real challenge! It is hard to do without losing the good things you have now. If you are serious about your vision and you really want to see your values in practice, then you may have some hard work ahead! But of course until you understand the culture you have now, you won’t know what you need to do, will you?

The ability to bounce – coping with life’s problems

Coping with life’s problems successfully needs you to have realistic expectations. Psychologists call these expectations, and the judgements you make based on them, ‘appraisals’. Things that happen to us aren’t a problem unless we judge them to