Danger – Spontaneity Ahead! Why You Need a Communications Strategy for Social Media.

Increasingly social media will probably play a role in both career and business survival. Messages flow fast! Once you have sent them, they continue to exist on the web for a very long time. So to be purely spontaneous is to take a risk and you need a strategy for your communications. This post provides you with five tips to help you produce your strategy for social media!

>Self Belief and how to change the world!

> Image via Wikipedia This post appeared yesterday at my other blog www.wisewolftalking.com.  As some of you will be “baby boomers”, I thought you might like to read it here. There is a great piece in the April edition of Management Today by Denise Kingsmill about the potential for baby boomers  to become entrepreneurs.  Among othet things, […]

Self Belief and how to change the world!

Baby boomers do have to work on into our old age and many of us will do it well, with ingenuity and verve. But it will be a pity if we make such a song and dance about it that yet again we alienate those who come after us. One thing the baby boomers never did learnt to do was to shut up and just get on with it. Yes, we started out believing each and every one of us could change the world! I just wish we had passed that same self belief on to our children!

>Learn from the past but look to the future – getting ready to make your choices

>   My old school motto was Respice Prospice – learn from the past but look to the future.  A great motto but you need to make sure your time looking backwards is well balanced by your time spent looking forwards. You need to know when to flip your thinking forward and begin to find […]

Leading Change – Not Another Version of Wonderland – Scenario Planning Part 2

In scenario planning, scenarios provide a way to think about the uncertain aspects of the future particularly those that seem most unsettled and worrying. Building and using scenarios can help organisations explore what the future might look like and the likely challenges of living in it. As I explained in my last post a scenario is a story that describes a possible future. But no one view of the future will be correct. So scenario builders create sets of scenarios. These scenarios address the same questions and include everything that is likely to persist from the present into the future.

Leading Change – Your Vision in an Uncertain Future – Scenario Planning

In a changing world, scenarios are now widely used by governments, businesses and voluntary organisations to help them plan for the future. This can be done on a large or small scale; as part of a wider planning exercise or on their own as a way to develop thinking inside the organisation.

Building your portfolio – STAR stories can make you a star

If you want to find work, directly employed or as a contractor, you are going to need to describe your achievements so far. Getting ready to do that can be a real boost to your self confidence, if you go about it in the right way. Writing STAR stories is a way to prepare not only to write your CV but also to answer questions at interview.

>Building Your Portfolio – STAR Stories Make You a Star!

> I  I hope that we are going to provide you with lots of resources here to help you move into your new life, including advice on writing your CV.   If you want to find work, directly employed or as a contractor, you are going to need to describe your achievements so far. Getting ready to […]