Values, Authenticity and Your Career

Values, Authenticity and Your Career

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Values, Authenticity and Your Career – I looked up a dictionary definition of authenticity and it referred to being worthy of trust, reliance or belief; not counterfeit or copied.

An important part of my work as a coach, whether as a career coach and as a life coach, is to get clients to identify and reflect on their own, personal, values. And reflecting on my personal values is something I do periodically. To live authentically is to live in accord with your own values.

Of course, getting to know your own values can be quite hard work.

Many of us seem to have imbibed values from others, mainly from our parents, when we were very young. They are not necessarily things that we have thought that much about. They are just the “rules” we try to live by and we usually assume that everyone else shares them.

Values, Authenticity and Your Career – Values vary widely

In reality, values can vary very widely between cultures and even quite a lot between people within the same culture.

Think about the difference in values between someone focussed on making as much money as possible, as quickly as they can, so that their children can have the best opportunities that money can buy. Then think about those sacrificing to help others in the world’s disasters and emergencies. Both are doing what they think is right according to their own values. And in a modern “mixed” economy, we need them both.

Knowing your own values is important

Knowing your own values is important if you want to live a happy and fulfilled life.

But they do need to be your own values. You don’t have to accept all you have inherited. In fact, just accepting them without reflection can lead to much unhappiness. Think about the price put on physical beauty in our society and some of the misery to which it has led.

You have choice to make about the values by which you live your life.

Once you have decided what your values are going to be, you may have some work to do to shake off some of the values that you inherited. You need to do this, if you are not to live in conflict with yourself. Sometimes working with a life coach can help you do the work necessary to make the change.

Values and your career

So what has this to do with your career?

Well, if you wish to feel happy and fulfilled in your work, where and how you work needs to be in harmony with your values. It can mean making some hard choices. But it will mean your career is on a solid foundation for success and you can be truly authentic in all parts of your life; at work as well as at home.

Resources to help your job search and career development

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