10 simple ways to become a better leader starting now

Troy Lum is founder and president of Wired2Lead and a proud graduate of Bellevue University’s Master of Arts in Leadership program.  He works to develop leadership skills with businesses large and small. With support from his wife, he found the commitment, time, and cost of pursuing additional education opened new doors. At Bellevue University, he found a program that provided him with the tools and resources to work around his life.

His post on Make it Happen Now provides 10 invlauable tips on how to develop your leadershhip skills.

“Throughout my life, I have been inspiring individuals to become a voice in their community and create change.  While I believed my leadership skills were well tuned, I am a lifelong learner and wanted to expand my knowledge on leadership development. My problem was that I was newly married, welcomed my son into the world and started a new job.  No way was I going to have the time needed to go back to school.

This is where my thinking all changed.  I started to research graduate programs, learning toward an MBA because that is what I was told to get to work in the business community.  While conducting my research on graduate schools and programs, I discovered a school in Nebraska named Bellevue University that had an interesting degree in Leadership.

My degree opened my eyes to new and exciting leadership development skills.  I took these skills and started my own organization working with individuals to develop strong leadership skills.  My passion is to make positive change in the world by developing individuals to change their own community.

 Regardless of your aspirations, becoming a better leader is sure to pave the way.  To become a great leader, a person needs to utilize all the resources available to expand their knowledge.  Leadership lessons are all around us and can be learned from watching movies, reading books and from our peers. The following 10 steps will get you on your way for a successful career and fulfilling life… you can find the 10 steps at this link

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