Meet Wendy Smith

Need help at work, at home or with relationships? Book your free 30 minute, no obligation, trial coaching session with Wendy Smith now at this Link  

Do you have problems at work, at home or with your business? Are you at a career or life cross-roads? Have you got problems with the boss or other colleagues at work? Is a relationship at home or at work not going the right way? Would you like to find a new job or start a new business? Would you just like to feel happier and more fulfilled? I can help!

I work mainly one to one with clients by phone. Coaching sessions usually last an hour and are held fortnightly or sometimes weekly. I work with clients to get the issues clear, then work with them on the solution. If you are job seeking, I will review your CV and application letters and prepare you for interviews or assessment centres. As a business coach, I am used to working with new start-ups.

I am a qualified and experienced coach offering a well recommended life, career and business coaching service. As well as expertise and professionalism, my values are empathy, authenticity and providing an open, flexible approach.

I’ve coached, mentored and supported several hundred people through all kinds of challenges and problems at work and at home. After starting life as a nurse, I worked as a manager in both the public and private sectors. My experience as an H.R. manager means I’m well placed to advise on job search and career development. I have also started and managed three small businesses.

I chose to become a life coach, as well as a career and business coach, because I wanted to work with people in all parts of their lives. Feeling whole means having a good life at home as well as succeeding at work.

In my spare time I am a creative writer and poet.

Your reassurance of quality

I hold professional indemnity insurance and abide by the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors of the Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. This is your reassurance of quality.

Book your free 30 minute, no obligation, trial coaching session with Wendy Smith now at this Link